25 October 2011

Letter To James Dalyzell From A Major At Fort Prince George In 1761

The Scottish Record Society published transcriptions of "The Binns Papers," primarily recording transactions within the Dalyell family (Binns was the seat of the family in Scotland).  Papers of Captain James Dalyell, a British officer, who was killed in Detroit during Pontiac's War, included in the collection, contained many military-related items.  Below was a report from Major Alexander Monypenny, dated at the Camp at Fort Prince George, 14 July 1761, from the southern campaign against the Indians.

From  The Binns Papers:

 An earlier report by Major Monypenny is mentioned in the blog "On the Trail of the Trail," regarding the campaign against the Cherokees.

Military reports about campaigns in North America were not at all what I expected from papers published by the Scottish Record Society!

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