15 October 2011

David & Alsey (Anderson) Evans In Kentucky

 Michael and Nancy Roark were my ancestors.  According to information found in a Rootsweb message, Nancy Roark was an heir of David Evans' estate [his daughter].  Obtaining the actual 1/31/1835 suit documents is a Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky, research goal.

The suit lists "David Evans and the heirs of David Evans Dec'd", and was filed 1/31/1835.  Persons in the suit:
David Evans
William Evans
Amos C. Strong, and his wife Elizabeth
James Evans
Michael Roark and Nancy his wife
Ailsea Roark
Nancy Roark
Sarah Jane Roark.
(Ailsea, Nancy, and Sarah Jane being the infant heirs of Catherine Roark, Deceased.)

Corroborating information regarding David Evans was found at the Combs & Families of Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky:

Notes: Believe this David EVANS is Sarah's brother-in-law, married to her sister Alsey (Alice) ANDERSON Evans, 25 May 1787 in Nelson Co., KY. All are daughters of Arabella UNKNOWN Anderson (Ash) (Sturgeon) of Nelson Co., KY 2nd husband, John ASH, 3rd husband, John STURGEON.

Notes: At this time there is confusion as to how many "David EVANS" there actually were. There is convincing evidence of 3. Best evidence shows this David EVANS, annotated "Jr." is the son of David EVANS who married Alsey (Alice) ANDERSON in Nelson Co., KY, sister of Sarah ANDERSON Combs Walker.

My Lineage From David Evans

David Evans m. Alice (Alsey) Anderson
Nancy Evans m. Michael Roark
Eleanor E. Roark m. Felix G. Patillo
Nancy Patillo m. James A. Rice
Katie Rice m. James D. Johnson
Katie Johnson m. James Garrett
Living Garrett m. Richard N. Powers
Cathy Powers [Me]

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