02 October 2011

Andrew Wesbrook (War of 1812 Veteran)

 From a recent trip to the Archives of Michigan, I found that the Andrew Wesbrook estate was listed in a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, Record of Proceedings 1835-1838:

Record of the Estate of Andrew Wesbrook

30 July 1835
A.H. and Ebenezer Wesbrook, two of the executors
Andrew Wesbrook, late of the Twp. of China (St. Clair Co.)
Will: Nancy Kimball, Charles Kimball, Chester Kimball
Daughters: Harriet, Euphemia and Henrietta Wesbrook
Mentioned: Martha Rose
Son: John H. Wesbrook on lands in U.S. and Upper Canada....
Mentioned: Gilbert Elliot?, Wm Wesbrook, Oliver Wesbrook, Jonas Clark and wife
Mentioned: John H. Wesbrook

Page 51 (Continued from Page 27)
Estate of Andrew Wesbrook, deceased

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