22 September 2011

A Letter To Captain Elijah Backus

From the Josiah Snelling Papers:

May and June, 1780.
Printed act of the Assembly to raise recruits for the Continental Army (May). The reverse contains a letter from Zabdiel Rogers, colonel 20th Regiment, to Captain Elijah Backus directing him to raise "Two Able Bodied Effective Men."

Zabdiel Rogers married Elizabeth Tracy.  Was Elijah Backus a relativeElijah was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Tracy) Backus*.  They are both in this family tree.

A prized possession of the Rogers family was a letter from George Washington to Zabdiel Rogers.

Backus family papers* are housed at Yale University.

Note: Captain Elijah Backus and I are both descendants of William Backus, the original immigrant.


Susan Clark said...

This is so cool. Inadequate word, but the best I could do with only one cup of coffee.

Love these little glimpses of history.

PalmsRV said...

Thanks Susan. Don't be surprised if I use the coffee defense when responding to your blog posts!