26 September 2011

A Confederate Widow In Grayson Co., Texas

Below are the first two pages of the Widow's Application For A Pension (Confederate) for Julia Humphrey, widow of Thomas H. Humphrey of Grayson Co., Texas.

[Reproduced From The Holdings Of The Texas State Archives]

Form B.
Dead  1-4-37
The Comptroller of Public Accounts reserves the right to call for additional testimony if he deems it necessary.
Name of Applicant:  Mrs. Julia Humphrey, Grayson County, Whitesboro, Texas
Filed: June 8th, 1936
Approved June 29, 1936
Pension Allowed from July 1, 1936.
Comptroller of Public Accounts: Geo. H. Sheppard

[Page Truncated]

Widow's Application for Confederate Pension

The State of Texas,
County of Grayson

I, Mrs. Julia Humphrey, do hereby make application for a pension pursuant to the provisions of Articles 6204 to 6227, inclusive, of the Revised Civil Statutes of 1925 as amended by H. B. No. 150, passed by the Forty-second Legislature at its Regular Session and all other laws of this State relating thereto.

I am a widow of Thomas Humphrey deceased, who departed this life on the 16 day of July, A.D. 1916, in the county of Grayson, in the State of Texas.

I have not remarried since the death of my said husband; and I do solemnly swear that I was never divorced from my said husband Thomas Humphrey and that I never voluntarily abandoned him during his life but remained his true, faithful and lawful wife up to the date of his death.  I was married to him on the 18 day of Nov. A.D. 1901, in the county of Grayson, in the State of Texas.

My husband, the said Thomas Humphrey, served as a Confederate soldier in the war between the States of the United States; ...who was in active service during said war.  That my said husband served honorably from the date of his enlistement until the close of the war, (or until he was discharged or paroled in some military organization regularly mustered into the army or navy of the Confederate States until the surrender).  He was honorably discharged....He was wounded in the leg and was given honorable discharge.  He may have reinlisted.  I do not know dates.

That I have been a bona fide resident of this State continuously since the ___ day of February A.D. 1872.

1.  What is your age, and date of birth?   78, March 25, 1858
2.  How long have you resided in the county of your present residence:  Since 1901
3.  What is your postoffice address?  Whitesboro, Texas
4.  Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and been rejected?  No
5.  If rejected, when and where.
6.  Did your husband draw a pension?  No.  If so, give his file number.
7.  Give, if possible, the postoffice address of your deceased husband at the time of his enlistment  - near Rocky Comfort, Ark.
8.  What was your husband's full name:  Thomas Henry Humphrey
9.  In what State was your husband's command originally organized?  Ark.
10. How long did your husband serve:  Through most of the war
11.  If known to you, give date of enlistment and discharge.  He volunteered when around 16 yrs
12. What was the name or letter of the company, or number of the regiment in which your husband served?  If he was transferred from one branch of service to another, give time of transfer, description of command and time of service.  (If applicant's husband was a pensioner give his file number, which is evidence sufficient for proof of service).  Company A. Ark. Batalion.  He may have been transfered after being wounded.
13. Name branch of service in which your husband served, whether infantry, cavalry, artillery, or the navy, or if commissioned as an officer by the President, his rank and line of duty, or if detailed for special service, under the law of conscription, the nature of such service, and time of service:  Artillery
14.  To what race do you belong?  American/white  15.  Were you living with Thomas H. Humphrey as his wife at the time of his death, and had you so lived with him for ten years prior to his death?  ANS?  Yes

Whereas your petitioner prays* that her application for a pension may  be approved and such other proceedings be had in the premises as required by law.
(Signature of Applicant): Julia Humphrey
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3rd day of June A.D. 1936.
County Judge [Illegible] County, Texas
*Where applcant has remarried it is necessary that she state facts covering particulars of last marriage, date, to whom married, and date of last husband's death.  She must also state that she is now a widow.
Grayson Co., Texas

Note: Thomas H. Humphrey's first wife was Mary Dollarhide.  Mary Dollarhide's father, James Samples Dollarhide was an Arkansas State Representative who voted for Secession in a prelude to Civil War.

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