11 August 2011

Trial Of Henry Daum - Part 2 - Who's Who

From the Trial of Henry Daum:

Trial of Henry Daum--Charged With The Murder Of Peter Ulrich.
Fourth Circuit--Lapeer Co.
Judges Whipple, Davison and Kendrick, presiding.
Counsel for the People, WILLIAM MITCHELL, Esq., prosecuting attorney, and PETER MOREY, Esq., Atty Gen'l Assisted by THOMAS DRAKE, Esq.
Counsel for the Defendant, GEO. W. WISNER, A.H. HANSCOM, & E. H. THOMPSON, Esqrs.

Prisoner was arraigned - Plead not guilty.


2.   James Kipp,
4.   Gardner Carr,
5.   Stephen Tripp
7.   Henry Rix,
9.   Aaron Rood,
Vandorus Smith (Chal'd by prisoner.)
Lemuel Weston,   "           "   
David Ingalls,       "           "
Nicholas Poss,     "           "
William S. Bird, (Excused by Court.)
Hervey Henderson, "       "
Charles McNeal, jr.  "     "
William Teachout      "     "
Renselaer Davids     "     "

John Ryan challenged by the People, when the pannel (sic) being exhausted, the following persons were summoned as Talesmen:

Wm. Hemingway, (chal'd by prisoner.)
Isaac Evans,             "     "
Enoch J. White,        "     "
John Shafer,             "     "
Silas More, Excused by Court.)
John Evans,   "      "
Joseph Swift,   "      "
Samuel S. Bird,   "     "
Hozial Howland,  (Chal'd by People,)


Susan Clark (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Love your links! Great post.

PalmsRV said...

Thanks Susan. I was thrilled to get a copy of this "book" or pamphlet from the Rare Book room at the Library of Michigan. The librarian checked to see if it had been digitalized by GOOGLE and it had not; she told me that there were no other copies of it anywhere else.