16 June 2011

My Dad Through the Years (1929 - 1974)

Today is the anniversary of Dad's death (June 16, 1974).  In 1974, June 16th was Father's Day, and a day I'll never forget even though in many respects it was a blur.  That day is etched on my soul and what happened on that day changed my life forever.  As much as I was affected, my 7 younger siblings fared even worse in many respects.  I missed his presence; the youngest two never really got to know him.

That being said, I often wonder how would Dad have reacted to events since 1974?  He would have surely embraced the idea of finding relatives via Y-DNA in 2011:  "Finding my Powers with DNA"

A retrospective look at Dad's life from a few of my prior blog posts:

  • Dad and Grandma about 1947
  •  2010 memorial blog post

    Dedicated to Richard N. Powers who I still miss very much.

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