18 May 2011

Stephen Hopkins - Part Of The Virginia Experience

The MOSGA Messenger provided a link to The Story of Virginia: An American Experience. The Jamestown to the Falls: English Expedition section reminded me that my ancestor, Stephen Hopkins, of the Mayflower voyage in 1620, was part of the 1609 voyage to Jamestown that was wrecked by the hurricane.  It has been said that one of the characters in The Tempest was modeled after Hopkins.

From the Story of Virginia website:

1609: Contentious Settlement

English Soldier of the early 1600s
In May 1609 a fleet known as "the third supply" sailed for Jamestown from England with nine ships. A late July hurricane wrecked the ship carrying the leaders on Bermuda. (William Strachey wrote an account of this misadventure that was probably a source for William Shakespeare's The Tempest.)

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