14 March 2011

Martha (Marshall) Hinds

Photo courtesy of Hinds descendant Terrie

Martha (Marshall) Hinds can be found in my family tree here.

United States Census, 1880
Residence:     District 15, Franklin, Tennessee

      Robert C. Hinds     M     36
Spouse     Marthey A. Hinds     F     36
Child     William A. Hinds     M     16
Child     James C. Hinds     M     11
Child     Emaly J. Hinds     F     8
Child     Margret C. Hinds     F     6
Child     Mary F. Hinds     F     4
Parent     Tiblith Hinds     F     70

United States Census, 1900
Residence:     Civil Districts 6, 14, Franklin, Tennessee
Estimated Marriage Year:     1866
Mother How Many Children:     11
Number Living Children:     6
Spouse     Robert C Hinds     M   
      Martha A Hinds     F   
Child     Lucy E Hinds     F   
Child     Sallie G Hinds     F

United States Census, 1910
Residence:     Civil District 6, Franklin, Tennessee
Family Number:     28
Page Number:     2
     Martha C Hinds     F     66y
      Lucy Hinds     F     25y
    Glenn Hinds     F     27y
    Thomas Hise     M     23y

Census - US Federal 1930
… Tennessee » FRANKLIN » CIVIL DIST 6 » 26-8 » Sheet 3a
   1. Hinds, Carl (b: 1898*)
          Hinds, Mary (b: 1876*) Hinds, Zona (b: 1906*)
   2. Hinds, Marthey (b: 1862*)
          Gault, Joe (b: 1879*) Gault, Lucy (b: 1885*) Gault, Dudley (b: 1918*)

 See the links below for more information about Robert & Martha Hinds from the Confederate Pension application:

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