25 February 2011

Who Was William T. J. Lowe?

From the Buffalo, New York, 1884 City Directory

William T. J. Lowe was a fishing lure manufacturer.  He married Minerva Lucinda Stearns.  Minerva married 1st Eugene Cramer and had 2 children.  In 1919 he was referred to as the "late W. T. J. Lowe."

In the 1860 Buffalo City Directory, Wm. T. J. Lowe was a silversmith.

In the 1900 census, William T. Lowe, born July 1840, a fish hook manufacturer, was living at 1119 West Avenue, Buffalo, Erie County, New York, with his wife, Minnie (b. Sept. 1842), and son Harry (b. Jan. 1880) who was also a fish hook manufacturer.  William was born in New York; his father was born in England and his mother was born in Canada.

In 1905 the Lowe family was still living on West Avenue; living with them was William Lowe's step-son, Eugene Cramer, an artist. 

Was William T. J. Lowe, the fishing lure manufacturer, the brother of Louisa (Lowe) Wirth?  Louisa was my grandkids' ancestor.  She married John Wirth and moved to Detroit, Michigan.

United States Census, 1850
Residence:     Buffalo, ward 4, Erie, New York
    William Fatt     M     29y [Fate or Tate]
    Anna Fatt     F     31y
    Henry Fatt     M     3y
    John Fatt     M     11m
    Louisa Lowe     F     12y
      William Lowe     M     10y

1860 NY Erie, Buffalo
TATE/FATE, William, 39, tailor, b. England ca 1820
  "   , Hannah, 42, Canada, b. 1817
  "   , Louisa, 23, NY, b. 1836
WERTH, John, 25, b. Bavaria, engineer, b. 1835
Lowe, William, b. 1838
TATE/FATE, Henry, b. 1845
  "  , John H., b. 1848
  "  , Charles H., 1852
  "  , Clara B., 1858

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