03 February 2011

Truth or Dare: Americans Of Royal Descent

From Americans Of Royal Descent: A collection of genealogies of American families by Charles Henry Browning.  Question; does it represent the truth and do I dare believe it*?!

I borrowed the genealogy of Mary Olivia Brockway to the point where our lineages diverge.

More about genealogist and author Charles Henry Browning:

It cost Mrs.Woolsey $500.00 in November of 1901 in her attempt to get proof from genealogist Charles Henry Browning of her royal ancestry in order to join the "Order of the Crown."  Mrs.Woolsey sued Mr. Browning, stating that no proofs accompanied the research rendering it useless in her attempt to join the society.  An expert witness (Evelyn B. Baldwin) stated that $500.00 was a reasonable payment for the work done by Mr. Browning.  Apparently the authenticity of Mr. Browning's work wasn't an issue or at least wasn't determined in this case. 

This article stated that "Genealogies that are questionable according to McCracken are attributed to Gustave Anjou, Charles H. Browning, C. A. Hoppin, Orra E. Monnette, Horatio Gates Somerby, Frederick A. Virkus and John S. Wurts. He states that none of their work is reliable and all should be verified."  This source refuted McCracken's allegation and indicated that Orra E. Monnette's was research was solid.  Another viewpoint by Gary Boyd Roberts can be found here

*Answer:  It may (or may not) be true, but I do not dare think of it as the gospel truth. 

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