16 February 2011

My Ancestors - John Post & Hester Hyde

My ancestors, John Post and his wife, Hester Hyde, were mentioned in The Post family, by Marie Caroline Post,published in 1905:

Hyde Genealogy by Reuben Hyde Walworth, published in 1864.

 (#84) Sarah Post married Timothy Backus; she is my ancestor.

The Hyde Family Tree at this website contained the following:

     77. Hester17 Hyde (William16, William15, Robert V.14, Robert13, Hamnet12, Robert11, Thomas10, Hamnet9, John8 de Hyde, Robert7 Hyde, Robert6, John5 de Hyde, John4 Hyde, Robert3, Robert2 de Hyde, Matthew1)47

Presidents (Stephen) Grover Cleveland and Millard Fillmore were also descendants of John Post and Hester Hyde.

In C. W. Post - the hour and the man, John Post & Hester Hyde were mentioned. Abraham Post, John Post's brother, was the ancestor of C.W. Post (the cereal mogul) and his daughter, Marjorie Merriweather Post.

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