11 February 2011

David Swinyer's Civil War Pension & Widow's Papers Too

David Swinyer's Civil War Service in the 118th NY (Adirondack) Regiment, Company "C":

[Copy of Photo of David Swinyer sent to me by a Swinyer Descendant]


The Civil War pension papers acquired from the National Archives in Washington, D.C., contained several key pieces of information, including:

A "Declaration for Original Pension of an Invalid" form filed in the County of Franklin, State of New York on the 13th day of January 1876 ..is the identical David C. Swinyer who (1) enlisted in Captain James Pierce's Company C, 118 Regiment, NY Vols...; that his personal description is as follows: Age 48 years; height 5 feet 5 inches; complexion, light hair, brown; eyes, blue; that while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, he received the following disability, to wit: at Fort Ethan Allen near Chain Bridge about Jan 1, 1865, fell under a log he was assisting to carry under orders in building a battery near the fort and contracted paralysis.  And also about March 25th, 1863, in ___ at Washington, D.C., he contracted inflammation of the eyes from exposure to wet, cold and ___.

That he has not been employed in the military or naval service other than as above except in Co. A 19th Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps to which he was transferred on account of ____ disabilities.

That he was treated in General Hospital No. (Blank) at Hampton, VA, from about April 1st To about May 15th, 1863.

...his domicile or place of abode is in the town of Franklin, County of Franklin and State of NY.

Signed: David C. Swinyer

Alexander Doty
Alfred Keith


Physician Stephen D. Lyles signed an affidavit in Houston, Texas County, Missouri, for Mary Jane Swinyer's Widow's Pension claim stating that David C. Swinyer died October 26th, 1887. Another notarized statement dated December 4, 1891, stated that there is no public record of his (David C. Swinyer's) death.

Mary Jane Swinyer's Widow's Claim For Pension, made in the State of Missouri, County of Texas, on the 18th of January 1889, stated that she is 52 years old; the widow of David C. Swinyer, who was in Company "C" in the 118th Regiment of New York Volunteers, in the War of 1861; that her maiden name was MARY JANE SNAY and that she was married to said David C. Swinyer on or about the 27th day of March 1866 at Franklin in the County of Essex and state of New York by Bradshaw Costlow.

(signed) Mary J. Swinyer.

A second claim by Mary Jane Swinyer made on January 5, 1894, in Texas County, Missouri, stated that she was married under the name Mary J. Snay to David C. Swinyer in 1867 at Franklin Co., NY, there being no legal barrier to said marriage first marriage for claimant, 2nd marriage for David C. Swinyer, his former wife died and left no heirs, proof made.

I'm the 2nd great-granddaughter of David & Mary Jane (Snay) Swinyer.

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