29 January 2011

Administrator's Bond - Acklin, Hinds & Hunt

William Acklin, James V.A. Hinds and David Hunt were bonded and William Acklin was appointed Administrator for his son's, Theodore Acklin's, estate in (Huntsville) Madison Co., Alabama.

William Acklin was the son of Samuel & Elizabeth (Hunt) Acklin and the grandson of John Hunt, for whom Huntsville, Alabama was named. James V. A. Hinds was William H. Acklin's cousin. What was David Hunt's relationship, if any, to Acklin and/or Hinds?

Found in the Madison Co., AL, Records Center:

Madison County, Alabama, Administrator's Bond - Estate of Theodore Acklin, dec'd, Probate File #3097:

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Know All Men by these Presents, That we, William Acklin, James V. A. Hinds & David Hunt
are held and firmly bound unto Lewis M. Douglass, Judge of the Court of Probate of Madison County, in the State of Alabama, and his successors in office, in the penal sum of -----Three Hundred----Dollars, to which payment, well and truly to be made, we and each of us do bind ourselves, our and each of our heirs, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated the twenty ninth day of January----, A. D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty (crossed out) Seventy-One.

Now, the Condition of the above Obligation is Such, That whereas the above bound William Acklin ------ has this day been duly appointed Administrator of the Estate of Theodore Acklin Dec'd

Now, then, if said William Acklin shall well and truly perform all the duties which are or may be by law required of him as such Administrator, then the above obligation to be void; else to remain in full force and virtue.

Witness our hands and seals the date above written.


W. Acklin {Seal}
James V. A. Hinds {Seal}
D. Hunt {Seal}

Approved on the 28th day of
January, A.D. 1871

Lewis M. Douglass, Judge, Probate Court

Note: William Acklin's estate (Administrator William Halsey and Corrine (Acklin) Goodman, et al) was sued by Harriet (Gooch) Acklin, Theodore Acklin's widow, in an action filed March 18, 1881.


Anonymous said...

There's a David Hunt, age 17, living with *this* James Hinds in 1870. (Probably too young to be the one in the bond, but maybe not.)

PalmsRV said...

That's good to know!