23 December 2010

Adam Wirth And His Passport Application Signalement

Adam Wirth's Supplement for Passport Application via Footnote.com:

See this image Page 1 and the other two items at Footnote.com.

Page 2
Hon. William Seward
Secretary of State
Washington, D.C.

I hereby enclose $5.00 the naturalized paper of Adam Wirth of the City of Detroit, County of Wayne and State of Michigan, and below follows his signalement.  Adam Wirth prays humble for a passport of the United States legal officers, by your very Respectfully
               Obedient Servant
               Nicholas Thelen
Please send passport to
Nicholas Thelen
Surveyor & Civil Engineer
10th Ward, N.E. corner St. Aubin Aven
& Macomb Street No 397

Page 3 featured Adam Wirth's signature on his Oath of Allegiance dated January 3, 1865.

Adam Wirth was my son-in-law's 4x great-grandfather who was born in Prussia about 1814 and died in Detroit in 1873.

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