08 August 2010

Swartz Creek Teachers 1961-1962

[Note: I attended school in the Swartz Creek school system from Kindergarten - 8th Grade.]

TEACHING STAFF SET AT SWARTZ CREEK [Published August 3, 1961, in the Swartz Creek News]

The Swartz Creek Community Schools will begin its 1961-1962 school year on September 5 with the following administration and teaching assignments, as announced by Superintendent of Schools, Eldon W. Buell.

Elementary Principal; George W. Nichols, Syring Elementary Building Supervisor,
Mary Gorton.
Kindergarten --- (5 rooms --- 1 Calkins School, 1 Fletcher School, 1 Mary Crapo Elementary, 2 Syring Elementary or 10 half day sessions). Dorothy Meier, Calkins; Roseann Church, Fletcher; Alice Harris, Mary Crapo Elementary; Margaret Fick, Joanne Ritter, Syring Elementary.
1st Grade: (8 rooms --- 5 Mary Crapo Elementary, 3 Syring Elementary) Frieda Claxton, Erma Evans, Carolyn Fuller, Rosalind Prouse, Florence Smith at Mary Crapo Elementary; Charlotte Cobb, Nexa Gilmore, one other at Syring elementary.
2nd Grade: (8 rooms - 3 Crocker, 3 Mary Crapo Elementary, 2 Syring) Helen Adams, Elizabeth Krugger and Gertrude Robertson at the Crocker School; Jean Kroll, Keitha Parsell and Helen Pickler at the Mary Crapo Elementary, and Carol Cadieux and Margaret Cleveland at the Syring Elementary.
3rd Grade: (6 rooms - 3 Mary Crapo Elementary, 3 Syring Elementary) Helen Gilbert, Patience Hole and Leah J. Van Wagoner at Mary Crapo Elementary; Lavonne Johnson,
Beatrice Syring and Eleanor Williams at the Syring Elementary.
4th Grade: (6 rooms - 4 Mary Crapo Elementary, 2 Syring Elementary) Ruby Clark, Norine Delaney, Lucile Hall and Vera Gilbert at the Mary Crapo Elementary; Rita Clark and Doris Husby at the Syring Elementary.
5th Grade: (5 rooms, all at Mary Crapo Elementary)
Pauline Curtis, Maxine Dart, Isabelle Fleming, Leo Gateson and Rose Mulnix.
6th Grade: (5 rooms, all at Mary Crapo Elementary) Marie Aldridge, Eileen Brewer, Kathryn Jackson*, Frank Rehanek and Laverne Sutherland.
In addition to the above the following Special Elementary teachers have been engaged, all to be located at the Mary Crapo Elementary but serving all elementary schools. John Fitzgerald, speech correction; Gerald Flynn, Elementary Physical Education; Jeanette French, Elementary Vocal Music; Theda Gifford, Remedial Reading; and Sondra Lybolt, Elementary Art. Rebecca Hull, a 1961 graduate of Swartz Creek Community Schools has also been engaged as an Elementary Library Clerk.

Junior and Senior High School Principal, Robert H. Brown; Athletic Director and Director of the Swartz Creek School Community Education Program, Leo Bennett; Director of Guidance, Donna Wadley; Director of Music, Stuart Warnaar; Bus Supervisor, M. C. Evans; Audio Visual Director, Lewis Wilcox.

Junior and Senior High School teaching assignments are as follows:
Sharon Bain, 8th grade English; Lester Bazinet, 11th and 12th grade Social Studies; B. L. Chillik, Commercial Subjects; Margert Erm, Vocal Music; M. C. Evans, Mechanical Drawing; Robert Fairbanks, 11th and 12th grade Math; Rachel Gallenbeck, Commercial Subjects; Harvey Gerdes, 7th grade, Head football coach; Katherine Gulash, Commercial Subjects; School Annual; Franklin Hester, 11th and 12th grade English.
Warren Ison, Librarian, Debate coach; Julia Ivey, Latin, 10th grade English; Aymour Johnson, 7th grade; Richard Johnson, Boys Physical Education, Health, Head baseball and JV basketball coach; Vernon Kohns, 11th and 12th grade Science, Head Cross Country and Track coach; Sharon Kruggel, 9th grade Math; Carolyn Leggett, Junior and Senior High Art; Seth Lloyd, 7th grade; Kathryn Lovegrove, 7th grade; Helen McCain, 9th and 10th grade English; John Meier, Agriculture, General Shop; Gerald Murdock, 9th grade Science and Math; Donald Parling, Biology, 9th grade Science; 8th grade basketball coach; Dulcianna Phillips, 8th grade Social Studies; Mable Pyles, 8th grade Math; Mary Esther Rowe, Home Economics Alyce Simpson, French; Karen Stadler, Junior High Counseling; Robert Stratton, 10th and 11th grade Social Studies, Junior High football, 7th grade basketball coach; Sally Toth, Girls Physical Education, Health, Girls speedball, basketball and softball coach; Stuart Warnaar, Instrumental Music; David Webb, Driver Education, Social Studies; Adolph Wildfang, 8th and 9th grade Science; Marjorie Wilcox, Girls Physical Education, Health; Home Economics, Girls Track and Ass't basketball coach; Lewis Wilcox, Industrial Arts; Kenneth Wilson, Boys Physical Education, Health Head basketball, Ass't football, JV baseball coach; William Williams, 7th grade, head track, JV football and 9th grade basketball coach.

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Joan said...

The memories that these bring back --- hard to believe that we usually just tossed them away when they were handed out -- lucky you to have saved yours.

carzie said...

Thanks for posting this, it brought back names and faces of my elementary teachers. Eileen Brewer was my English teacher and also the mother of Donny Brewer, the drummer for Grand Funk Railroad.

PalmsRV said...


Mrs. Brewer was my teacher, too. For some reason I remember her telling a story about her father getting blood poisoning after pricking his finger with a pin. Or maybe I was daydreaming and she never told that story!