28 July 2010

Pattillos In Pope Co., Illinois, Record Book

From the Pope County, Illinois, County Record, Book A, 1816-1831, compiled and indexed by Carolyn Cromeenes Foss & Judy Foreman Lee, 1994:

HENRY ROSE, Plaintiff
John S. Pattillo and Sampson Dun, Defendants,}
on Petition and Summons

The Defendants being solemnly called but came not and it appearing by the return of the Sheriff that the Petition had been served only upon the Defendant John S. Pattillo, therefore it is considered by the Court that the sd Plaintiff recover against the sd Defendant John S. Patillo the sum of $20.12 1/2 Debt, with Interest to be computed after the rate of six per centum perannum from 10 Oct 1815 until paid as also his costs in this behalf expended and the Defendant in mercy &c.

Also in Pope Co., IL, County Court Record Bk A:

A:214 15 Sep 1823
Ordered James Pattillo, sr. is appointed constable.

A:181 02 Sep 1822
Ordered by the court that the report of Wm Pringle, John Witt and Hiram Penney* of their review of the road to James Pattillo towards Kaskaskia be received which is favorable. [Probably from Golconda]

*A Lincoln reference found here

Golconda to Kaskaskia (110 miles) was mentioned in the account below taken from The pioneer history of Illinois by John Reynolds:

Another version from My own times by John Reynolds can be found here; Mr. Reynolds provides a glimpse of pioneer life in Tennessee and Illinois (printed in 1855).

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