16 June 2010

Richard N. Powers (1929 - 1974)

My Dad died on June 16, 1974, of a heart attack at age 45 -- it was Father's Day. I was the oldest of his 8 kids from ages 22 to 2 years old. To say his death was a shock is an understatement.

Richard N. Powers (1929 - 1974)


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

What a terrible loss to your family! Sounds like you and I are the same age...but I didn't lose my father until 2000 and he was in his late 70s. He died of a heart attack also. Such sudden death is always a shock and I still cry if I let myself think about it too long. With such young siblings it must have been a struggle for your mom...and for you because as the oldest I'm sure you had a lot more responsibility after that. Life can sure be tough, God bless!

hummer said...

A sudden loss is always a shock. One keeps thinking of things left undone in relationships. I hope your journey was not a hard one. My son still has anger issues over losing his father.

PalmsRV said...

Lisa and hummer,

Thanks for your comments; it sounds as though both of you understand. It was a profound loss and it changed my life in many ways, but life has been good for several years now. It was really difficult for my youngest siblings, and their life was so much different than mine, but they're okay now, too.