30 May 2010

Cousin William Round - Army Ranger

William D. Round (1949 - 2006), son of William & Bonnie (Garrett) Round.

[Photo courtesy of Bill's sister]

In a Memorial Day 2007 post (revised):

My cousin, Bill Round, a Vietnam veteran, died last December, and so I’m also thinking of him on this Memorial Day. Even though Bill was my first cousin, our paths rarely crossed. Genealogical research spurred me to contact Bill and his wife, Penny a few years ago.

I heard from Bill shortly after he finished marching to Washington, D.C., protesting the 2001 Army directive issuing the traditional Army Ranger black beret to all soldiers (the Rangers have since adopted the tan beret). C-Span has a video of Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina on the floor of the House of Representatives noting Bill's protest. An Army Ranger history is found here.

A moving tribute (with pictures) to Bill was found here.


Joan said...

doggone it, I will be glad when I can again see all the blog pictures --- say i whiningly. Nontheless, I really liked your post on your cousin William. Thanks.

PalmsRV said...

Thanks Joan!