08 April 2010

Ralph N. Powers - Grandpa

My grandfather, Ralph Newman Powers, was born on 27 July 1896 in Battle Creek, Michigan to William S. & Addie (More) Powers.

1900 MI Census - Calhoun Co., Battle Creek Twp., Battle Creek City #269
POWERS, William S., head, w/m, b. Aug 1859, mar 22 years,Can/Can/Can

" Addie, wife, w/f/, June 1864, 4ch/3living, MI/Scotland/New York

" , Ward S., son, May 1893, Mich/Can/Mich

" , Ralph N., son w/m/July 1896, single, Mich/Can/Mich
" , Addie M., daughter, w/f/Feb 1898, single, Mich/Can/Mich
MOOR, Cynthia, mother-In-Law, w/f, Dec 1829, wid, 6ch/3living,NY/NY/NY

By 1910 the family had returned to Lapeer County:

1910 MI Lapeer, Dryden Township
Powers, William S., 50, Mar. 21 yrs, to U.S. 1881, Na
" , Adda M., Wife, F/W/45, M, 21 yrs, 7 children
" , Ward S., Son, M/W/16, Single
" , Ralph N., Son, M/W/13, "
" , Adda M. Daughter, F/W/12, Single
" , Cynthia J., Daughter, F/W/9, Single
" , Marion G., Son, M/W/3, Single

Ralph N. Powers in his World War I uniform:

WWI Registration Card (6-5-1918)
Age 21
1205 S. Saginaw Street, Flint, MI
DOB: July 27, 1896
Birthplace: Battle Creek, MI
Father's Birthplace: Canada
Name of Employer: Ira Van Kleek - Farm - R.F.D. 2
Nearest Relative: Addie Powers, 1205 S. Saginaw Street
Physical Description: blue eyes, brown hair

As Ralph registered for the draft in World War I, he was living in Genesee County. He received an Honorable Discharge after a short stint in the military. A severe leg injury (the scars fascinated his grandchildren) shortened his Army career.

Ralph Powers and Beatrice Cameron were married in Genesee County:

Genesee Co., MI
March 29, 1924
Volume II, Page 138, Record #6909
Ralph N. Powers, 27, white, Flint, MI, Mi, factory worker
William S. Powers/Addie Moore - No- March 29, 1924, Flint, MI
Jessie B. Cameron, 23, Flint, MI, MI, factory worker [never used "Jessie" to my knowledge]
Donald Cameron/Anna Cameron - No-
John W. McCue, Minister
Witnesses: Marion G. Powers, Flint & Flora Cameron, Flint

Their son, Richard N. Powers (1929 - 1974), was my father.

Grandpa (Ralph Powers) worked at Fisher Body for years. He was a family man who brought the paycheck home to Grandma. As kids we loved going their house -- it was an old, two story, white frame house with a small back porch and a huge, empty room that used to be Grandma's small grocery store ca 1940's. Sitting on the front steps, Grandpa would quiz us about the cars whizzing by. Occasionally Grandpa would walk the perimeter of the property with us; I remember the day I found a five dollar bill in the shrubs (probably right after Grandpa "salted" the shrubs with money).

Beatrice & Ralph Powers

Grandma sold her house after Grandpa died (14 Oct 1965); it is now home to a gas station. She moved in with my aunt & uncle and lived with them until her death on 26 October 1974.


Joan said...

Gad Zooks, Cheryl, for a second or so, I thought I was looking at pictures of my grandfather McPherson. May I say, my what a handsome man.

PalmsRV said...

Thanks Joan -- Actually my grandfather's sister had a sister-in-law that thought my grandfather was the handsomest man in Flint, Michigan. Isn't that something that your grandfather McPherson looked like him!