28 March 2010

A Revolutionary War Era Letter From Wm. Campbell To Rev. Charles Cummings

Reverend Charles Cummings' cabin in Abingdon, Washington County, Va.:

Reverend Charles Cummings' biography from "The Life and Adventures of Wilburn Waters," by Charles B. Coale, published in 1878.

A plaque at the Cummings' cabin:

A letter from William Campbell to Rev. Charles Cummings regarding the Battle at Guilford Courthouse (excerpt below):

(From the original manuscript in the New York Public Library).

Aspen-Ville, 28th March, 1781.

Reverend And Dear Sir : I got home last Monday Evening in good health from my Excursion into N°. Carolina, and had the Happiness to find my little Family well

I imagine you have already heard the particulars of the Action at Whitsill's Mill on the sixth Instant and make no doubt but those of the Action near Guilford Court House, will be satisfactory to you. General Greene having collected an Army of 4,500 Men at the High Rock Ford of Haw River began his march from that place, in quest of the Enemy, on Monday the 12th Inst, and determined to give them Battle the first Opportunity.

The writer of the letter was Campbell* of King's Mountain. He was killed at the battle of Eutaw Springs.—Ed.

*General William Campbell's grave.


Joan said...

Wow, all of those names are close to my heart and soul --- Guilford Court House, Whitsill's Mill, Abingdon, Virginia, King's mountain. My folk started in Abingdon, but many were in Tennessee during the Revolutionary. I still thrill at the names.

PalmsRV said...

Joan, Mine started in Abingdon, too! My ancestor, Christopher Acklin, owned a tavern there that's still in existence. There's a picture of it on my husband's blog: http://palms-americana.blogspot.com/2006/04/some-cool-stuff_26.html

As always, I appreciate your comments!