20 February 2010

Oh Canada - Paying Homage To My Canadian Relatives (Part Four)

David Swinyer was born in Canada East (Quebec) about 1827. He and his wife, Mary Jane (Snay) Swinyer lived in Franklin County, New York, for many years. Health problems may have caused the Swinyer family to head west to Texas County, Missouri, where David, a Civil War veteran, died.

[Copy of Photo sent to me by another Swinyer Descendant]


"...on 13 January 1876, before a notary, stated that David C. Swinyer, aged 48 years, a resident of the Town of Franklin, County of Franklin, State of NY, ...is the identical David C. Swinyer who enlisted in Captain James Pierce's Company C, 118 Regiment, NY Volunteers, Division at Elmira, NY, on the 26 July 1862 and was honorably discharged at Elmira, NY, on 13 July 1865; that his personal description is as follows: Age 48 years; height 5 feet 5 inches; complexion light, hair brown; eyes blue...".

That he was treated in General Hospital No. (Blank) at Hampton, VA, from about April 1st to about May 15th, 1863.


Physician Stephen D. Lyles signed an affidavit in Houston, Texas County, Missouri, for Mary Jane Swinyer's Widow's Pension claim stating that David C. Swinyer died October 26th, 1887. Another notarized statement dated December 4, 1891, stated that there is no public record of his (David C. Swinyer's) death.

A letter received by the U.S. Pension Office February 17, 1893, states that "we the undersigned petitioners respectfully petition your Honor to make a special matter of the granting of Mrs. Mary J. Swinyer late widow of David C. Swinyer, a pension for the following reasons: She is very poor and has no means of support whatever & is suffering for food and clothing." This petition is signed by 32 neighbors.

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