19 February 2010

Oh Canada - Paying Homage To My Canadian Relatives (Part Five)

My great-grandparents, Donald & Anna (Cameron) Cameron:

[Photo can also be seen at my blog, Cameron Collections, here]

Donald Cameron, the son of Richard & Nancy Cameron, was born 24 January 1850 in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada. He died 30 April 1932, in Flint, Michigan.

Anna (Cameron) Johnston Cameron, the daughter of Duncan & Ellen Cameron, was born 21 February 1867, in either Canada or Michigan. The family frequently crossed the St. Clair River between Michigan and Ontario; Anna's birthplace could have been on either side of the river.

Anna's first husband was John Johnston (b. Canada), whom she married in Roscommon Co., Michigan, on 4 December 1883 when she was 16. He died on 16 May 1896, in Arenac Co., MI. Anna & John Johnston had 4 children; Ellen, Archie, Isabelle and Blanche.

Donald & Anna were married 9 June 1897; it was Donald's first marriage at age 47. They had 4 children who lived to adulthood; Marian, Beatrice, Flora and Donald. Beatrice was my grandmother.

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