22 January 2010

Gallatin County Fellows In The Illinois Supreme Court

Heard at the Supreme Court of Illinois in Vandalia, Illinois, pertaining to Gallatin County, Illinois (heard in Gallatin Co. July Term of 1835):

Inside the State House at Vandalia, Illinois - Photo by Jim

Oliver C. Vanlandingham, plaintiff, in error
William Fellows, Cornelius Fellows & Abraham Hite, co-partners under the style of W & C Fellows & Co., defendants, in error

Oliver C. Vanlandingham moved from Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky, to Gallatin Co., IL, as did my ancestor William Roark. A brief history of the Vanlandingham family in Paradise, Muhlenberg Co., KY, as well as moves to Gallatin Co. and Louisiana can be found here.

This site has a reference to W & C Fellows & Co. of Louisville, Kentucky, and mentions William Fellows, Cornelius Fellows and Benjamin J. Adams. "A-655: 24 May 1847, Limce (Linico?) A.G. Noel of Crittenden Co. is indebted to W.& C. Fellows & Co. of Louisville...".

The Filson Historical Society of Louisville, KY, also has a reference to W & C Fellows & Co. here.

Mss. C C
W. & C. Fellows & Co. (Louisville, Ky.)
Collins & Co. (Hartford, Conn.) Letters, 1834-1844. 3 items.

Letters to Collins & Co. in Hartford Conn. About ordering axes wholesale by this firm in Louisville, Ky. All three letters discuss the price of the axes and the method of payment. In the letter of 26 July 1844 the writer states that they do business in Indiana money and compare exchange rates between Indiana and Kentucky money.

Information about another Illinois Supreme Court case emanating from Gallatin County, Illinois, and pertaining to slavery can be found on my blog here.

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