12 December 2009

Necrology File At The University of Michigan

The University of Michigan's Bentley Historical Library site has a Necrology File Index, listing the names and death dates of University of Michigan graduates, degree earned and maiden names if applicable.

I thought of checking this database after reading the blog "Sandusky History," about Judge Thomas M. Sloane, who graduated from the University of Michigan.

Univ. of Michigan - Necrology File Index Results Page
Name Death Date Degree Maid. Name Sup. File Mil. Box
Sloane, Thomas M. Mar. 22, 1920 LL.B. 1880 613

The newspaper clipping below is a sample of what I found in U of M graduate Adelia McCrea's file (Box 423) several years ago (before the necrology file index was online).


Reference Services said...

What a terrific resource!!

GrannyPam said...

Glad you highlighted this little known source. I traveled over to the Bentley Library about a year ago, and found a treasure trove in the files of my grandfather, uncle and two aunts. The best thing was a letter my grandfather had written to the university regarding his son, shortly after my uncle arrived at the university. It told me far more about my grandfather than any person, or any other document has.

Palmsrv said...

Didn't think about personal items such as letters being included in the files. Thanks for the additional information Pam.