15 November 2009

Sadie Palm's Probate Notice, Pickaway Co., Ohio

Since Sadie Matilda Palm never married, her list of possible heirs, as seen in the probate notice published in Pickaway County, Ohio, in the spring of 1959, ventured far and wide. Included were Jim's Dad, Richard S. Palm, and Richard's brother Eldon H. Palm.

Kathryn E. Dum and Marie Trego, Administratrices of the Estate of Sadie M. Palm, deceased,

Burt Bowers
South Bloomfield, Ohio, et al.

Notice No. 19573
Notice by Publications

Eldon H. Palm, 11367 Cheyenne Street, Detroit, 27, Michigan
Richard S. Palm 16134 Pierson Street, Detroit, 19, Michigan [Jim's Dad]
Gladys Littleton, 1335 N. Mills Street, Orlando, Florida
Ralph M. Palm, 9742 Crandon Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Ned Palm c/o Ellen Palm, Box 1961, Prescott, Arizona
Bertie Palm, V A Center Section 1, Bay Pines, Florida
Elizabeth Snider, 3014 Riverside Ave., Muncie, Indiana
Otto Kemmler, 3059 F. Street, San Diego, California
Mac Mader, 3 Dudley Lane, Lackmount, New York, NY
Howard Jennings, 1826 Gray Street, Gulfport, Florida
Mrs. Mary Katherine Cresswell*, 3413 Gratiot Ave., Flint, MI
Mrs. Harriet Ann McCarter, 3203 Pridham St., Keego Harbor, MI
Allen Wilson, 517 W. Mansiom, Marshall, Michigan
And the unknown heir, legatees, executors and administrators of Sadie M. Palm, deceased, will take notice that in the 20th day of February 1959, the plaintiffs filed their petition against you in the Probate Court of Pickaway County, Ohio, praying for the determination of Heirship of the Estate of Sadie M. Palm.

You are required to answer the said petition by the 2nd day of May 1959.
Robert H. Huffer, Attorney for Plaintiffs
March 6, 13, 20, 27 April 3, 10, 17
*Probably daughter of Robert Jennings (granddaughter of Harry & Sarah (Palm) Jennings)
[Haven't yet figured out Elizabeth Snider, Ralph Palm, Harriet Ann McCarter, or Allen Wilson]

Amy, at "We Tree," wrote a blog entitled "Don't Forget the Spinster Aunt," that fit right in with my blog post.

For additional information about some of the heirs listed above, see the link embedded in my "Genealogy Site With Palms" post.

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