27 September 2009

Who Lived In The Bancroft-Stranahan House?

Randolph S. Bancroft married Nancy Manwaring, daughter of Adam & Susan Manwaring, on 11 May 1854 in Lapeer Co., Michigan. Randolph's brother, John O. Bancoft, married Huldah Richmond, daughter of Edward Richmond (one of my distant Richmond cousins). Randolph and his father, Daniel Bancroft, were listed here in a Frost family book. Randolph & Nancy (Manwaring) Bancroft's home in Romeo, Macomb Co., Michigan, is now an historical site (Bancroft-Stranahan Museum).

The Manwaring family was featured on another blog entry here.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry I missed seeing you this summer at the Lapeer Genealogy Center. I saw that there was another descendant, Mrs. Elizabeth Spaulding of Almont, mentioned in the Frost book. I am curious about these people as it might make an interesting article for the Quarterly. Do you have anymore information on them?

Always so enjoyable to read your blog and see the twists and turns along your Detour Through History!


Palmsrv said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks reading the blog -- it means a lot to me.

My "People Connected To Lapeer County" database also has Elizabeth (Bancroft) Spalding and an abstract of her will (plus the liber & page #(s)). [The original can be found at the Lapeer Co. Register of Deeds office downstairs.] Other Bancrofts are in that database, too. Some of the info is duplicated in my Powers & Palm WorldConnect database, but apparently that's acting up right now.


Her will might make an interesting starting point for your article. Let me know if you need more and I'll check to see if I have it.

We'll be on the road leaving Michigan in the morning. Won't be in Lapeer as much any more (we bought an RV lot near Jackson, MI, but hope to get there for at least a week next year and hope to see you then.)