24 August 2009

Euclid Kimbro - A Texan In 1836

Euclid Union (E.U.) Kimbro was born in Bedford Co., Tennessee, on 20 Nov 1833, to Daniel & Polly (Gilbert) Kimbro. In 1836 the Kimbro family came to San Augustine Co., Texas, and in 1837 settled in Bastrop County, Texas.

In 1861 Euclid Kimbro moved to present day Taylor, Texas. He married Lucinda Avery, whose father participated in the Battle at San Jancinto and her step-grandfather was thought to be the oldest person to die at the Alamo. See details at the "Relatively Fiction" blog entries "Going To Texas, Part 4," and "Part 3," including more information about the Daniel Kimbro family.

Euclid Kimbro was in Col. W. L. Mann's Regiment of Cavalry in the Civil War. Kimbro served on Galveston island was there when Colonel Mann surrendered on 5 June 1865 (the last Confederate officer to capitulate).

Much of the information about the Daniel Kimbro family was found in a biography of Euclid Kimbro, Daniel's son, found here. Research found on Daniel Kimbro's son, Crawford, can be found here. [My niece and nephew are descendants of Daniel Kimbro through his daughter, Niteva (Kimbro) Price].

A picture of E.U. Kimbro is housed at the archives in the Taylor, TX, Public Library, and was included in a packet of items sent to me by the librarian, as were the funeral notice and the obituary.

Courtesy of the Taylor, Texas, Public Library


LauraLeigh said...


Interesting names in your blogspot. All are very prominent in Williamson County History, or Surnames I have seen many many times anyway. Just curious if you have ever been to Taylor? I ask because I am sure you are aware there is a Kimbro street there? How cool is that! My grandfather was named after Dr Doak, and so to see my grandfathers name of Vernon and Doak on a stret....PRETTY COOL!!! Thanks for sharing! Laura

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post on our site! Have you tried to take this family back another generation? We have at least one Kimbro, we think, who was in Tennessee around the time of their residence there. I also emailed you a note I had from my collection of "everything Kimbrough I can find" ;) list. Be happy to share a copy. Thanks for connecting with me! Sherry