01 August 2009

Elvira E. Field Strang - A Strangite In Michigan

After the death of Latter Day Saints leader Joseph Smith, James Strang, Sidney Rigdon and Brigham Young among others sought to succeed him. After Brigham Young became the leader, James Strang was excommunicated and became head of his own group, now known as the "Strangites."

Elvira E. Field was James J. Strang's second wife and his first polygamous wife. Since James Strang was still married when he began his relationship with Elvira, she (Elvira) traveled with James Strang as "Charles Douglas" his male secretary.

Elvira, who married John Baker in 1865 (Strang was murdered in 1856), eventually moved to Lake County, Michigan, and died on 13 June 1910, in Kent County, Michigan. John & Elvira Baker were living with John's son, Warren Baker, in Kent County when the 1910 census was taken. John Baker died 19 March 1911; the informant was Warren Baker.

In 1850 Elvira was living with her parents, Reuben & Eliza Field, and her brother Albert in (Michili)mackinac, Michigan.
In 1860, Elvira was enumerated with her brother's family:

1860 MI Eaton Co.
Field, Albert, 31, b. MA
", Mary J., 29, b. CT
", Edward H., 5, b. MI
", Isabel R., 3, b. MI
", Charlie, 1, b. MI
Field, Eliza, 61, b. MA
Strong (sic), Elvira E., 29, tailoress, b. OH
", Charlie J., 9, b. MI
", Eveline, 7, b. MI
", Clement J., 5, b. MI
", James J., 3, b. MI
Elvira & John Baker were found in the 1880 Census, Michigan, Lake County:

John BAKER M 61 NY Farmer
Elvira BAKER M 50 OH House Keeper
Emma C. BAKER S 12 MI At School
May A. BAKER S 5 MI At School
Lois NOBLES S 17 MI School Teacher
The Bakers can be found in the 1900 census here.

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