21 March 2009

The Path To General A. P. Stewart

While researching at the courthouse in Winchester, Franklin Co., Tennessee, I extracted some deed book information regarding the Smith and Stewart families. [See my "In Deeds" blog post here] My research then led to Confederate General Alexander Peter (A.P.) Stewart, who was the father of Alphonso Stewart, a witness listed in Franklin Co., TN, deed book "11."

General Sherman recalled in his book, "Memoirs of General William Tecumseh Sherman", that the wife of General Stewart, Mrs. Harriet Chase Stewart, sent a note to General Sherman asking him to come and see her -- which he did. General Sherman reassured Mrs. Stewart that her husband had not been killed or captured and advised her to return to her former home state of Ohio, specifically to her uncle, Judge Storer* in Cincinnati.

Alphonso Stewart was a member of his father's staff and accompanied General Stewart to General Joe E. Johnston's headquarters "near Greensboro, N.C." in the midst of negotiating terms of surrender in April of 1865.

General A.P. Stewart's ancestry can be found here and his biography here.

General Stewart was buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.

*Most likely Bellamy Storer, Sr., though I have yet to discover the relationship. Abraham Lincoln, as a practicing lawyer, had seen Judge Storer in action (see quote here). Bellamy Storer, Jr., married Maria Longworth, aunt of Nicholas Longworth who married Alice Roosevelt.

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