30 January 2009

Lisette Denison (Forth) of Michigan

Ever since noticing the historical marker on Grosse Isle, Michigan, commemorating the remarkable feat of Lisette Denison, I wondered why she wasn't more widely celebrated as a heroine. After finding the .pdf file highlighting her background, I found her even more amazing. More about the church and historical marker here.

A link for Lisette's father, Peter Denison is here at Wayne State University. Her photo and a notation indicating a plaque in downtown Detroit where her home once stood is here.

According to this site, Lisette was the first black landowner in America.

The Tucker family, who freed the elder Denisons, apparently played another pivotal role in history. Tucker warned Major Gladwin in 1763 that the fort in Detroit was going to be attacked in what is known as Pontiac's Conspiracy or Rebellion.

[Note: This is an updated version of a post of Feb. 2008]


RE Ausetkmt said...

I have actually stood in front of that church and that marker.

when I was in undergrad we took a trip to grosse ile and talked about the journey from grosse ile to amsterdam and often north buxton, where the first free black settlement was established in ontario.

I have relatives in the cemetary there. it is wonderful reading My Own Family History Linkage.

Thanks for this wonderful post, and I look forward to others to the Black History Month Blog Carnival.

do you enjoy the Burton Collection and the Hackley Collection ?

Thanks Again,


Palmsrv said...

Hi R.E.,

My first genealogical research was at the Burton Collection (not familiar with the Hackley Collection) about 20 years ago.

Nice to connect with other researchers -- thanks for the comment.