18 January 2009

Genesee County, MI, WorldConnect Database

Updated my "People Connected To Genesee County [MI]" file at Rootsweb's WorldConnect. Information I find (in deeds, obituaries, etc) regarding people in that county is added to that file. Occasionally the individuals in this file are related to me (and would be duplicated here in my family database), but most are not. Birth and/or death dates may be guesses; if left blank the individual may be considered "living" and no information would show up online.


Miriam said...

I also have The Atlas Project database here (for those who lived in Atlas Township, Genesee County).

Palmsrv said...


Loren Dell Carpenter's family is in your Atlas Project database. He was the son of Jacob Denton Carpenter and the grandson of William Carpenter. Loren married my grandmother's half-sister, Ellen Johnston. I knew their daughter, Audrey Carpenter Crooks; she was a frequent visitor at my grandparents' home. Small world...