15 December 2008

Probate In Ohio For Merchant Who Died In Cuba

Another entry with one of those little surprises -- a probate file in Jefferson Co., OH (Steubenville area) with a connection to Ireland and to Havana, Cuba.

Will Abstracts for Will Book One, 1798-1821, Jefferson County, Northwest Territory and State of Ohio, Abstracted by Mary E. DiThomas

Page 11
Will of James Jackson
Written in Havana, Cuba
9 July 1801
Resident of Havana; merchant of Charlestown, Virginia*; native of Ireland; son of William & Agnis Jackson alias Petter; merchant of flour, sugar
Names Augustus de la Texera to dispose of goods
Proceeds to go to John Jackson, Richard Speers of Jefferson Co., Ohio, brother, John Jackson, nephew John Jackson
Witnesses: James Jackson, George Atkinson, W. A. Walker, William Dodge
Date of Probate: 24 May 1802

An additional abstract of the will above can be found here - and as with abstracts there are small details that differ between versions. The second version mentions that the brother, John Jackson, is a resident of Jefferson Co., Ohio and Richard Speers is listed as Richard Reese. A public interpreter, Bartholomew Croford, is also mentioned.

There were several entries for John Jackson in the Ohio Tax Records 1816-1838 here. There were also references to a John Jackson in this Jefferson Co., Ohio, source.

*Now Wellsburg, West VA?

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