29 October 2008

Palm Connections - From Germany To Ohio To Texas

Palm Connections - or Palm Fronds (title of my neglected website!):

After being contacted regarding Catharina Barbara Palm as a possible relative, I decided to post some of my pending Palm material, including the record below, written in German, confirming the relationship between siblings Catharina Barbara Palm and Charlotte Fannie Palm.

Certificate courtesy of Ruediger Kemmler of Germany - Click To Enlarge

Ruediger Kemmler's page lists Catharina Barbara Palm, b. 31 January 1822 -- the same Catharina Barbara Palm listed as the first child in the christening record above. Catharina Barbara Palm immigrated to Texas, not Circleville, Ohio, where my husband's Palm ancestors lived. Also in the above record is my husband's great-grandmother, (Charlotte) Fannie Palm, 2nd wife of John Gottlieb Palm (b. 1829). Catharina Barbara & Charlotte Fannie were the daughters of Johan Gottlieb Palm (b. 1793) & Anna Marie Daiber.

The record was given to me by Ruediger Kemmler a few years ago. As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Kemmler's contribution to Rootsweb's Weekly E-zine, January 3, 2003 issue (Bridging the Atlantic to Germany) focusing on his Kemmler connections.

We are distantly related to Johann Philip Palm who is famous in Europe as the person who was executed upon orders by Napoleon for "publishing and distributing libelous pamphlets about France and Napoleon."

[Johann Philip Palm is marked green; Jacob William Palm is yellow; John Gottlieb (b. 1793) & daughter Fannie are pink; John Gottlieb (b. 1829) is blue] The chart is frustratingly small and even a magnifying glass might not help, but perhaps the color-code helps to show the relationships. Or not...

The Palm researcher (from Ohio) who gave me the above chart also gave me a 6 foot replica of the Palm family tree that is displayed in the Neresheim, Germany city hall (my copy is not with me right now so I can't check the names on the above diagram). This site lists a Palm as the mayor (or bergermeister) of Neresheim in 1501 -- is that why the family tree has a prominent place in the city hall? In 1985 he (the Palm descendant/researcher) attended a Palm family reunion in Germany. He found out that we (the American/Ohio branch) were part of the Ebingen Palms, not the Schorndorf line.

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