01 May 2008

John Acklin, Son of Polly McGee, In TX Court

A GOOGLE search found a court case, Blair et al v. Adams et al, Circuit Court, W.D., Texas, San Antonio Div, dated 7 December 1893, regarding the estate of John Acklin. Apparently the sticking point was the fact that John was the bastard son of Mary/Polly McGee, who died without leaving a wife or children to inherit his estate. John's mother, Polly, had never married and died before her son did. However, Polly McGee had several brothers and sisters who survived both Polly and John and "are the interveners who claim to inherit John Acklin's land through his deceased mother. The land in question was 400 acres patented by the State to John Acklin, who was an assignee of Antonio Balle (18 Oct 1861). The ruling was that Acklin was without capacity to transmit his estate....the demurer will be sustained.

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