23 April 2008

Hiram Holden of Ontario, Canada

Maria Howard, daughter of William & Mary Howard (my great-great-great-great grandparents), was born in Canada on 28 May 1823. She married Hiram Holden in May of 1845 and died in Hastings, Ontario, Canada in 1878.

According to research of the late John Young “Examination of the will of Hiram Holden, dated April 21, 1887, reveals that Maria gave birth to only one child, namely Thomas Holden. This Thomas married, had children and died before his father. He left a widow Mrs. Mary E. Holden, who inherited almost the complete estate of her father-in-law, Hiram Holden. He had died on 30 August 1887 at Belleville, Hastings County, Ontario. Certain legacies detail the grandchildren of R. Maria Howard Holden, all children of her only child Thomas. They are William H. Holden, John Bell Holden, Louisa, Letitia and Ella Holden.”

Further research, including Ontario Death Records online at http://search.labs.familysearch.org, indicate that Thomas Holden was the son of Hiram Holden and his first wife, Letitia, NOT the son of Maria (Howard) Holden.. Thomas was born in 1840 in Oneida County, New York. Maria and Hiram didn’t marry until 1845 and lived in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Hiram Holden can be found in the book, The Holden Genealogy: Ancestry and descendants of Richard and Justinian Holden and of Randall Holden. Boston: n.pub., 1923, by Eben Putnam. Hiram's parents were James & Esther (Call) Holden. James Holden's parents were Caleb & Mary (Farley) Holden.

Marriage record extracts for Hiram Holden and his sister, Esther (Holden) Sawyer, can be found here. Both were married in 1834:

April 19 Merrick SAWYER, Coburg, to Ester HOLDEN, Augusta, by license. Wit: James and Hiram Holden.
Sept. 9 Hiram HOLDEN to Luticia BUSH, both of Marchville (Merrickville)?, by license. Wit: Rev. James Brock, Rev. William McFadden.

A reference to Hiram Holden can be found here in a Kingston, Ontario, Canada newspaper archive online.

Hiram Holden's death was reported in the Smith's Falls newspaper, The Record News, in 1887. That matches the information researched by the late John Young.

September 1 1887 Record News
-Mr. Hiram Holden, one of Brockville’s old time residents is dead at Belleville.

While researching the Hiram Holden family, I found that his nephew moved to Detroit, Michigan, and that there was enough information about his sister's (Esther Holden Sawyer) family for a separate blog entry.

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