29 February 2008

Research In Franklin Co., Tennessee

Researching in Franklin County, Tennessee, on 28 February 2008:

The Franklin County, TN, Historical Society's library is in the basement of the county library

There are vertical files for various families, including the Domingus File. There are cards, cross-indexed, and that's how I found the "Pattie" information in the Domingus file. [Thornton Pattie married an Acklin, and Acklin is a name I research]

Pedigree from Mrs. Naomi Patti Domingus of Silver Spring, MD, submitted in 1980

Naomi, b. 13 Dec 1913 Cowan, Franklin Co., TN
m. 1934
Howard Domingus
John William Pattie, b. 22 Nov 1848, Grundy or Franklin Co., TN; d. 25 June 1920 Sewanee, TN m. ca 1910
Eva Farris, b. 20 Apr 1894, Franklin Co., TN; d. 5 May 1963, Silver Spring, MD
Father: Dock Baltimore Farris, b. TN; d. Columbus, OH -- death certificate can be found online
Mother: Anna Bowman, d. Columbus, OH [her death certificate can also be found online]

[Note: A quick registration may be needed to access this database where the death records are online [the actual records!] which is still being developed and in "beta" testing. Many people are volunteering to transcribe records in order to put them online at that site which is affiliated with this site. ]
Thornton Stingfellow Pattie, b. Farquier, VA; d. Franklin Co., TN
Mildred Acklin

William Pattie, Jr., 1789, Farquier, VA
m. 5 Feb 1813
Eleanor Kincheloe

A brief look at one of the newspapers on microfilm found this item regarding the PATTIE family from July 21, 1859:

Another resource were the Indexes (3 of them) to Loose Court Papers, by the county's Preservation Project. Here is a page from one of the indexes:

Other names were extracted by me while at the library (not all names of interest were extracted for every volume/time period):

Index of Loose Records – Franklin Co., TN
Requests need time period, name and file number -


Crockett, Davy/David 006, 036A

Estill, Isaac Sr., 012

Estill, L. H. 013

Estill, Wallace….lots of them

Rice, Therdrick, 040

Word, Enoch, 039

Farriss, Cornelius, 043

Farris, Richard, 030

Hayes, Oliver B., 022

Hines, Isaac T., 043


Acklen, James V., 120

Acklen, William, 059

Crockett, David, 110

Crockett, Elizabeth, 110

Crockett, Samuel, 034

Powers, Holaway

Nabors, Littleberry


Acklen, Joseph B., 153

Acklen, Oswald, 204, 400

Acklen, Fran__, 311

Acklen, Irvin, 001

Acklen, Luke, 001

Acklen, Luke P., 356

Acklen, William, 003

Byrom, Green H., 039

Greer, Polly, 083

Greer, Robert, 083

Greer, Thomas, 083

Greer, William, 083

Rice, Clairborne, 244?

Rice, G.W., 353

McKenzie, James, 258


Acklen, O.F., 274

Bandy, Reuben, 010, 151, 160, 205

Dollarhide, Averine, 303

Dollarhide, Cornelius, 303

Dollarhide, Elizabeth, 303

Dollarhide, Henry H., 303

Dollarhide, Jane, 303

Dollarhide, Nancy, 303

Dollarhide, Ruthy, 303

Dollarhide, Sarah (dec’d), 303

Dollarhide, Serena, 303

Dollarhide, Susannah, 303

Dollarhide, Wiley, 303

Dollarhide, William, 303

Dollarhide, P.D., 391

Dollarhide, Thomas F., 047

Hinds, Samuel A., 183

Hinds, Talitha, 183

Hinds, Isaac, 184

Hinds, Isaac, 170

Pattie, Ellen, 415

Pattie, James D., 298

Pattie, James D., dec’d, 415

Pattie, T.S., 415

Pattillo, R.P., dec’d?, 436

Rice, Fielden, 057

Rice, Fielden, 185

Rice, Fielden, 337


Acklen, Ben, 786

Acklen, Issac, 786

Acklen, J. M., 002

Acklen, J.M., 1073

Pattie, Thornton S., 986

Pattie, T.S., 757

Addendum to Index of Loose Papers

Supplements 1800-1829

Acklin, Alexander S., 036A

Acklin, William, 001A

Acklin, William, 009A

Nabors, Charles, 024A

Nabors, Charles, Jr., 036A

Nabors, Fleet, 036A

Nabors, Lewis, 027 (is there supposed to be an “A”?)

Nabors, Thomas, 036A

Richmond, Isaac 011A

Richmond, Isaac 0242A

Richmond, Isaac, 036A

Loose Court Records

1880 – 1889

See Xerox copy above - these extracts written on the back of the Xerox copy

Pattie, Prof, 0667

Pattie, F.A., 0214

Pattie, J.W., 0480, 0667

Pattie, John, 0449, 0795, 0853, 0897

Pattie, John W., 0707A, 0881, 1256

Pattie, Mildred V., 0882

Pattie, Owen, 0331

Pattie, T. S., 0213K, 0478, 0707A, 0727A, 0917, 1044, 1198, 1263, 1271

Pattie, Thornton, 0007, 0882, 1188

Rice, Amanda, 0272 (or 222)

Rice, B. M., 0213N, 0216, 0800

Rice, C.C., 0216

Rice, Clairborn, 0400

Rice, D. C., 0025, 0178, 0255, 0290, etc

Rice, David, 0216

Rice, David C., 0968

Rice, Fielding, etc…..

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