10 January 2009

Unclaimed Letters - May 1888 - Roscommon, MI

In addition to listing the names from the Roscommon News pertaining to unclaimed letters for May, 1888, I checked census records and some of the records here for data on those individuals. I'm listing what I find for that name but cannot guarantee that what I've found belongs to the identical person listed in Roscommon Co.

Roscommon [MI] News
8 June 1888

List of Unclaimed Letters:
Remaining on the Post Office at Roscommon, Mich., for the month ending May 31, 1888:

Adams, Burr
Burr Adams was living in Saginaw Co., MI, in 1870 with his parents, Montgomery & (2nd wife) Amanda Adams and in Genesee County, Michigan in 1880.

McKenzie, Margaret
[No Further Information}

Boucher, Horace
[In 1880 there's an 11 year old Horace Boucher in Lapeer Co., MI]

McLeod, Peter
[In 1900 there's a Peter McLeod, age 30 in Houghton County and one age 55 in Saginaw; in 1910 there's a Peter McLeod, age 62 in a lumber camp in Otsego County -- in 1888 Roscommon County was an area teeming with lumberjacks]

Comerseiey, Mary
[No Further Information]

McKinney, John
[No Further Information]

Caslumean, Prudent
[No Further Information]

Mull, Frank W. 2
[There's a Franklin Mull in Isabella County...?]

Cummings, Frank
[No Further Information]

Meridith, George
[In 1900 there's a JAMES Meridith, age 57, "born at sea;" related???]

Conlen, Thomas
Residence: Nester, Roscommon, Michigan
Birth date: 1848
Birth place: Ireland
Relationship to head-of-household: Other
Father birth place: Ireland
Mother birth place: Ireland
Ethnicity: American
Marital status: Single
Age: 32 years
Occupation: Laborer
NARA film number: T9-0601
Collection: 1880 United States Census

Neicex, N J
[No Further Information]

Finney, John
[In 1880 there were 4 John Finney's in Michigan; none in Roscommon Co.]

Rousk, John
[There was a John "Roach" in Roscommon Co. in 1880]

Gibbard, William
[There's a William Gibbon in Roscommon Co. in 1880]

Sharkey, John 2
[In 1880 there are 4 John Sharkey's in the census; 2 in Saginaw, 1 in Bay and 1 in Eaton Co.]

Grant, C W
[No Further Information

Smith, Robert
[In 1900 there's a Robert Smith in Roscommon Co. who was born Nov 1857]

Handy John L
[There are 4 (possibly 5) John Handy's in Michigan in 1880; none in Roscommon Co.]

Smith, Mrs. Mary

Residence: Higgins, Roscommon, Michigan
Birth date: 1853
Birth place: New York, United States
Relationship to head-of-household: Wife
Spouse name: James Smith
Spouse birth place: England
Age: 27 years
NARA film number: T9-0601
Collection: 1880 United States Census

Harisen, C J
[No Further Information]

Wells, George 5
[No Further Information]

King, Nathanial
[There are 4 Kings in Roscommon Co. in 1880; Anchim, Patrick, Thomas, an Joseph; no Nathanial, though]

Wing, Samuel P
[No Futher Information]

Knuts, Erick 2
[No Further Information]

White, Uriah J 2
[No Further Information]

Parties calling for the above please say advertised.
Eugene Kiely, Postmaster

A few reasons why "Unclaimed Letters" may be helpful in genealogical research.

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