26 January 2008

Nana's MI & Irish Roots

Since Nana (my son-in-law's grandmother) just celebrated her 89th birthday recently, compiling more of her family history for her 90th birthday seemed to be a worthy goal. With perusing the Beara-L Rootsweb archives, [insert Beara; another search is MIHought for Houghton Co., Michigan -choose "Advanced"], there's a reference to Nana's grandparents, James & Mary (Kelly) Green. Much more investigation needs to be done. Here's a website that should help in investigating Nana's Irish roots by R. O'Dwyer.

What's currently researched by me is here. Once back in Michigan, I may research the State Census (if available) and the naturalization papers in the MI Archives.

Here's some extracts from the Houghton Co., MI, directories (ca 1904 & 1910) of surnames of interest to me:

Blando, Geo, prospector, res e.s. Florida 2 s of 4 same
Brown, Fred E.
Brown, Hazel G., boards w/Mary
Brown, Mary A. (wid Domenick)
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Thomas
Cameron, John, miner, res 341 Tamarack
Cameron, Roderick C., cigar mnfr, 486 Tamarack, res same
Cameron, William, engr, bds Central House
Fowler, Adelaide, tchr, bds Mrs. Margaret Willson
Green, August, lab, res es Florida 2 n of 2nd
Green, James, brakeman, res145 Kearsage
Martin, Alexander, farmer, res es Amygdaloid, 1 n of 221 same
Martin, Charles, miner, res 209 Osceola
Martin, David, lab, 217 Osceola
Martin, Samuel P.., miner, res 213 Pewabic
Martin, William, bartender, res r 221 Amygdaloid
Martin, William, helper, Laurence Belding Co., bds 215 Pewabic
Martin, William, mason, res n s Franklin 2 w of Hancock
Martin, William T., miner, res cor Franklin & Hancock
Martin, William T., miner, res 540 Kearsage
Rowe, Daniel, miner, bds 414 Isle Royal
Rowe, George, miner, res 329 Tamarack
Rowe, Ida M., bds 530 Pewabic
Rowe, John, drayman, res 125 Florida
Rowe, John, barber, s s 1st 2 e of Calumet, res same
Rowe, Richard, bartender, John Simmons, rms 218 Lake Lindeman
Rowe, Thomas E., timberman, res 310 2nd
Rowe, William (Coon & Rowe), res 147 2d
Rowe, William, driver A.J. Berryman, bds 400 Tamarack
Rowe, William T., plumber, Laurium Hardware Co., res 530 Pewabic
Weber, John B., cigarmaker, res 115 Quincy 1e of Lake Linden Ave
Weber, Edward, bds John B. Weber
Weber, Joseph, bds w/ John B. Weber
Brown, Charles L., motorman, Houghton Co. St __, bds 1108 Ingot
Brown, Gustave, res 509 Hancock
Brown, Herman, lab, Hodge Iron Co.
Brown, James, lab, res n s New rd 2 w of Tezcuco?
Brown, James, saloon, 410 Tezcuco, res same
Brown, John K., foreman, res 745 Franklin Alleyway
Brown, Lillie, student, res 745 Franklin Alleyway
Cameron, Albert, bkkpr, bds 540 Hancock
Cameron, Jessie, tchr, bds 540 Hancock
Cameron, Roderick D., foreman, blacksmith dept CRRR, res 540 Hancock
Cameron, R. John, removed to Gay, Mich
Green, Abraham (Lake Superior Iron Metal Co.) bds 417 Hancock
Green, Daniel, bellboy, bds John Green
Green, Jay, foreman LS Iron & Metal Co., bds 417 Hancock
Green, John, watchman, res 55 New red sw of Tezcuco
Green, Sadie, bds John Green
Green, William, lab, res 110 Franklin
Kelly, Bridget, tel opr, bds Mrs. Mary Kelly
Kelly, Catherine, bds Mrs. Mary Kelly
Kelly, Clara, domestic, 709 Quincy
Kelly, Clarence, clk Hotel Northwestern
Kelly, Honora (wid Michael) res Coburntown
Kelly, James, removed to Chicago, IL
Kelly, John J., smelter, bds Mrs. Mary Kelly
Kelly, Joseph, clrk, Wm Kerredge, bds 306 Quincy
Kelly, Joseph R., printer, res 919 Summit
Kelly, Julia, domestic, Mrs. Mary Andrews
Kelly, Louis, smelter, Quincy Smelting Works
Kelly, Lucy, bds11 Franklin loc
Kelly, Margaret (wid John, age 59) died 24 June 1901
Kelly, Margaret (wid Michael) res Mesnard loc
Kelly, Martin, miner, bds Mrs. Margaret Kelly
Kelly, Mary (wid Daniel) res Smelting Works, Hollow, E.H.
Kelly, Mary, (wid Thomas) res 11 Franklin loc
Kelly, Mary bds 306 Quincy
Kelly, Matthew M., student, bds 919 Summit
Kelly, Michael A., mason, bds Mrs. Mary Kelly
Kelly, Patrick, coremaker, bds 306 Quincy
Kelly, Patrick, miner, bds Mrs. Margaret Kelly
Kelly, Nora, dressmaker, res 306 Quincy
Kelly, Thomas S., (aged 67), died February 14, 1902
Lynch, Agnes, 44 Franklin loc
Lynch, Daniel, " "
Lynch, Eugene, "
Lynch, Mary, "
Lynch, Nellie, "
Lynch, Thomas, "
Lynch, Cornelius, 53 Franklin
Lynch, Daniel, "
Lynch, Dennis, "
Lynch, Fannie, "
Lynch, Michael "
Lynch, Michael, Jr., "
Lynch, Nellie, "
Lynch, Thomas, "
Lynch, Timothy, res I e 741 Franklin
Lynch, Patrick, bds 502 Quincy
Lynch, Nellie, domestic, 502 Elevation
Lynch, Jeremiah, carp, res 620 Hancock
Martin Bros (Jos D Martin) Ice Dealers
Martin, Edith, dressmaker, bds 118 Pewabic loc.
Martin, John, miner, bds 28 Quincy loc
Martin, John B., watchman Hodge Iron Co., res 225 4th Q H-S A
Martin, John H., drill boy bds 118 Pewabic loc
Martin, Joseph D., res n e cor Elevation & Water
Martin, Julia (wid John) bds 519 Hancock
Martin, Mary bds 225 4th Q H-S A
Martin, Mary J., bds 118 Pewabic
Martin, Napoleon, lab, rms 301 Hancock
Martin, Peter, plumber, CP Quigley, bds 225 4th Q H-S A
Martin, William, blacksmith, res 164 Quincyloc
Martin, William J., drill boy, bds 118 Pewabic
Martyn, Anna, princip school, bds John Martyn
Martyn, Ellen, bds John Martyn
Martyn, Richard, "
Martyn, Sophia, "
Maunder, Alfred, miner, bds 51 Quincy loc
Maunder, Annie M., bds 61 Hard Scrabble
Maunder, Henry R., removed to Duluth, MN
Maunder, Joseph, watchman, res 61 Hard Scrabble
Maunder, Thomas, mining capt. Res 51 Quincy loc
Robbins, Frederick, miner, res 57 Hard Scrabble
Rowe, Caroline, bds 110 Pewabic
Rowe, Francis J., miner, bds 110 Pewabic
Rowe, John, lab, bds 36 Quincy
Rowe, John, lab, res 110 Pewabic
Rowe, Joseph, lab, Hodge Iron Co.,
Rowe, Robt P, student, bds 904 Summit
Rowe, Samuel C., lab, res 904 Summit
Rule, Fannie (wid Richard), clk, Jacob Gartner, bds Frank Richards
Rule, William H., miner, res Sing Sing
Ruhl, Adolph, 435 Hancock
Ruhl, Carl, 431 Scott
Ruhl, John 435 Hancock
Ruhl, Katherine, 435 Hancock
Weber, Toney, cigar manuf, 308 Lake Ave, res 924 Railroad Ave
Weber, William, bartender, Stockholm Saloon & Hotel, bds 128 Hancock

Brown, Alice, bds John McCurdy
Brown, Edward A., lab, bds Theodore Kerner
Brown, Rufus A., student, bds, James T. Healy
Brown, William, carp, res n s Shelden 4 e of Dacotah
Green, Nellie, waitress, Commercial Hotel
Krellwitz, August L., furniture & undertaker, foot of Huron, same
Krellwitz, Edmund C., engraver, res 55 Diamond I w of Garnet E.H.
Krellwitz, Frederick, clk, bds Louis H. Krellwitz
Krellwitz, Henrietta (wid August) res n s Montezuma I w of Huron
Krellwitz, Henry, bkbrdr, res ns Douglas 4 e of 4th, W.H.
Krellwitz, Hugo, painter, res ss Jasper sw of Pearl, E.H.
Krellwitz, Louis H., groceries, etc., ss Sheldon 3 w of Huron res se corner Portage & Montezuma
Krellwitz, Oto, bartender, Samuel O'Connell
MARTIN, Antoine, lab, res n w cor South and 3rd W.H.
MARTIN, Antoine, jr., mach opr, bds Antoine Martin
Martin, Bertrand, lab bds N. Martin
MARTIN, Frances, student, bds Antoine Martin
Martin, Frank J., rms Hotel __
Martin, Frank J., tmstr, res ne corner Isle Royal & Alb__
Martin, Fred, bds Nicholas Martin
MARTIN, John, bkkpr, bds Antoine Martin
Martin, John, dredging, res Hurontown
MARTIN, Joseph, student, bds Antoine Martin
Martin, Joseph D. (Martin Bros)
Martin, Nicholas, lab, The Carroll Foundry, res Hancock, Mich
Martin, Philip, lab, res Hurontown
Martin, Ralph, carp, res sw corner ___ & Montezuma
Martin, Regina, clk, post office, bds Nicholas Brotz
Martin, William D. (Martin Bros)
Bourland, Phillip D., phys, ws Calumet I s of 1st, res 5429 same
Brown, Albert J. (aged 20) died 9 Sept 1903
Brown, Charles A., removed to Fort William, Canada
Brown, Eva, teacher, bds 5467 Tunnel
Brown, Inex M., teacher, " "
Brown, Minnie A., ' "
Brown, Spencer F., lumber sales, res 5467 Tunnel
Green, James, boilermakr, res ws Calumet 2n of 4th
Greene, George, lab, bds William Greene
Greene, Jerome, , bds William Greene
Greene, Joseph, bds William Greene
Greene, Lucy, removed to Lake Linden, Michigan
Greene, William, lab, res Gregoryville
Martin, Mrs. Emma, bds AF Devitt
Rule, Joseph (TH Rule & Bros) res es Calumet 4n of 4th
Rule, Thomas H., " " , res ss Mine I w of Calumet
Rule, TH & Bros, grocers es Calumet 4n of 4th
Rule, John M, res es Duncan Ave
Martin, John, lab, bds Baltic House
Rowe, James, miner, bds David Hawley?
Rule, Thos, miner, bds James Chopple
Rowe, Albert miner Franklin Mines res 14 County Rd
Rowe, Alexander, miner, bds I County Rd
Rowe, Richard, miner, bds I County Rd
Ruelle, Eli
Ruelle, Eli Jr.
Spencer, Sarah (wid Henry) bds Elmer L. Power (druggist)
Green, James, mason res __
Greene, Catherine, dressmakr, bds Joseph Greene
Greene, John, wire roller, bds Joseph Greene
Greene, Jos, labor
Greene, Julia, bds Joseph Greene
Greene, Philip, lab
Rohlman, Jacob Jr. (aged38) died 9 Nov 1902
Rohlman, Julia (wid Jacob Jr)
Cameron, Edward, saloon
Coombe, Samuel, miner, res 234 County Rd
Coombe, William H., Mine Capt., Osceola Co__ Mining Co., res 256 Millionaire
Coombe, Fannie (wid Wiliam) bds Samuel Rowe
Rowe, John B., helper, res 264 Millionaire
Rowe, Samuel tmstr, res rear of Osceola Store
Rule, Albert, miner, bds 129 Millionaire
Rule, Richard T., bds 129 Millionaire
Rule, Thomas, miner, res 129 Millionaire
Rule, William J., drill boy, bds 129 Millionaire
Rule, Albert, miner, Champion Copper Co.
Rule, J. H., " " "
Rule, Joseph, " "
Rule, Thomas, " " "
Houghton County Directory 1910
Krellwitz, Albertha, bds 147 Jasper
Krellwitz, Arthur, student, bds 85 Portage
Krellwitz, August L., undertaker, etc., 40 Huron, res same
Krellwitz, Clarence, bds 85 Portage
Krellwitz, Cora, res ws Portage 2n of Edwards
Krellwitz, Edmund C., watchmakr, res 195 Diamond
Krellwitz, Edna, bds 147 Jasper
Krellwitz, Edward, lather, bds 147 Jasper
Krellwitz, Frederick, clk, bds 85 Portage
Krellwitz, Henry A., bindery foreman, The Mining Gazette Co., res 246 Douglass
Krellwitz, Hugo, painter, res 147 Jasper
Krellwitz, Louis H., grocer, res 85 Portage
Krellwitz, Otto F., trucking, res 78 Henry, Hurontown
Martin, Agnes, atndt, Dr. William Corbett,bds 250 South
Martin, Antoine H., printer, bds 250 South
Martin, August, lab, bds 164 6th (W.H.)
Martin, Elizabeth bds 45 Frederick, Hurontown
Martin, Ferdinand N., cook, bds, 164 6th
Martin, Frances L., bds 250 South
Martin, Frank, fireman, HFD, res Portage
Martin, Frank J., res 91 Isle Royal
Martin, Irvin, 93 2nd
Martin, James E., carp, 229 Douglass
Martin, John carp, bds Hotel Knauf
Martin, John, 45 Frederick, Hurontown
Martin, Joseph E., lab, bds 250 South
Martin, Lena (wid Antoine) res 250 South
Martin, Nicholas, 164 6th
Martin, Regina, 130 Garnett
Martin, Stephen, student, bds 250 South
Rule, Carrie, dom?, 94 Horatio, Hurontown
Rule, Elizabeth (wid John) 149 James Hurontown
Maunder, Emily (wid Jos) res 740 Elm
Maunder, John, bds Peter Masnaghetti
Maunder, Maude, clk bds 740 Elm
Maunder, Thomas H., mine Capt., res 189 Mesnard loc
Maunder, William, printer, bds 740 Elm
Rowe, E. Ann, clk, bds 413 mine,
Rule, Albert G., miner, res 278 Mesnard loc
Rule, Thomas miner res 289 Mesnard
Rule, William H., res Sing Sing
Houghton County Directory 1916-1917
Maunder, Charter, appr, bds 401 N. Quincy loc
Maunder, Emily (wid Joseph), res 414 Pine
Maunder, Leonard H., student, bds 401 N. Quincy
Maunder, Thos H. (Jessie) mining capt 401 N. Quincy
Maunder, William J., printer, bds 414 Pine
Blondo, Howard (Agnes), tug capt., res 250 South
Krellwitz, Henry A. (Josephine), supt, Mining Gazette Co., res 246 Douglass
Martin, Lena (wid Antoine) res 250 South
Martin, Francis L., bds 250 South
Martin, Salome, binder, bds 250 South (WH)
Maunder, William, bkbndr, Mining Gazette Co., res Hancock
Millar, George (Alvina) Foreman C&H M Co., res Linwood
Millar, Andrew, bds George Millar

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