31 January 2008

Index - "Acklin" Deeds In Washington Co., VA

Washington Co., Virginia, Deeds Index - Acklin (Extracted by me at Washington Co., VA)

Book/Page Name To/From/Type Name
1-175 Acklin, Christopher From Edmiston, William and others Trustees
1-190 Acklin, Christopher From Same “ “
1-262 Acklin, Christopher To Trammell, G.
1-375 Acklin, Christopher From Campbell, Arthur
1-392 Acklin, Christopher & Wife To Bradley, James
1-424 Acklin, Christopher To Delap, William
2-375 Acklin, Christopher From Walker, Francis & Wife
3-481 Acklin, Christopher To Acklin, William
5-214 Acklin, Christopher With Smith, Francis (Agreement)
6-345 Acklin, Christopher, Sr. To Johnston, Peter
6-512 Acklin, Christopher To Campbell, David
6-521 Acklin, Christopher, Sr. To Acklin, Christopher, Jr.
6-521 Acklin, Christopher, Jr From Acklin, Christopher Sr.
6-522 Same From Campbell, David
7-84 Acklin, Christopher, Sr. To Acklin, John A.
7-197 Same Trust To Jacob Lynch
7-214 Same To Neptune Peters
7-224 Acklin, Christopher, Jr. Trust To Findley, Alexander
7-287 Acklin, Christopher, Sr. To Hinds, Elizabeth
7-288 Acklin, Christopher , Sr. To Acklin, James V.
7-289 Acklin, Christopher, Sr. To Preston, John M.
7-290 Acklin, Christopher, Sr. To Ketter, John
8-84 Acklin, John R. Trust To Estill, Benjamin
8-480 Acklin, John R. Power Of Attorney From Hinds, Elizabeth [Acklin]
8-504 Hinds, Elizabeth A. [Acklin] To Branch, Peter J.
9-331 Acklin, Christopher Release From Alexander Findley
9-413 Same To Litchfield, George
12-47 Acklin, John R. Trust To Lynch, Jacob
13-227 Acklin, John R. Trust To Lynch, Richard

Liber?/Page? Acklin, Joseph To Potts, John
“ “ Acklin, From Conn, G.T.
“ “ Johnston, Charles C. From Acklin, James V.

Some of the Deeds Are Also Found Here: Summers, Lewis Preston, Annals of southwest Virginia, 1769-1800 , Abingdon, Va.: L.P. Summers, 1929, 1799 pgs

Summers' book found through GOOGLE here

Virginia Reports: Jefferson--33 Grattan, 1730-1880, By Thomas Johnson Michie
Vance vs Walker - Early Legal Case Regarding Land in Washington Co., VA, with Acklin and other Witnesses (At GOOGLE here)

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