21 December 2007

John S. Patillo Land Grants In Texas

I think I was tipped off that John S. Patillo had Texas land grants from the book, Patillo, Pattillo, Pattullo and Pittillo families, by Crosse, Melba C., 1912-. So a few years ago I sent to the Archives and Records Division in Texas and received the following documents:

Part of the land is in Trinity Co., Texas; John S. Patillo's name can be found in a list of early land owners here. More information about the county can be found at the Trinity County, TX, GenWeb.

Coleman County, Texas, also showed John S. Patillo as an early land owner here. See the Coleman Co., TX, GenWeb for more information about the county.

For Texas land records in general see this site. For a Texas county formation map, see here.

As of this date, I haven't checked Trinity or Coleman county land records for additional information. Rusk county is also referenced on one of the above documents, but I don't know enough about Texas and its counties to figure out the association, if any, between Rusk county and the other two counties.

Update: After posting, I found an article online regarding favorite ancestors; this one was about Mrs. John S. Patillo. See the NEGHS article about Mary Trousdale Dolan Sullenger Patillo here.

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