09 November 2007

People of Middle Tennessee, Part II

Another Goodlettsville, Tennessee, landmark is the Bowen House located next to the Gaspar Mansker fort.

William Bowen Campbell was born in the Bowen house in 1807. As a young man, William went to study law in Abingdon, Virginia, with his uncle, David Campbell. Back in Tennessee in 1835, William Bowen Campbell joined the military and became a captain in Colonel William Trousdale's regiment while fighting with the Creeks and Seminoles.

William Trousdale [1st cousin once removed of my ancestor, Mary Trousdale Sullenger Patillo] and William Bowen Campbell became political rivals. Governor Trousdale was defeated in his bid for a second term by Campbell.

According to a DAR Lineage book, Governor William Bowen Campbell was the son of David Campbell & Catherine Bowen; grandson of David Campbell & Margaret Campbell and William Bowen & Mary Henley Russell; great-grandson of William Russell & Tabitha Adams. See more of the Bowen/Campbell family here.

Fort Campbell was named for William Bowen Campbell.

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