06 May 2007

Camerons of Defiance, Ohio

Went to Defiance County, Ohio, to extract CAMERON records from their Grantee/Grantor land records. My goal was to determine if ancestors Duncan & Ellen Cameron bought or sold property in Defiance when they were living there (as noted in the 1870 census).

1870 OH Census - Defiance Co., Richland Twp.

CAMERON, Duncan, 38, M/W, Lumberman, b. Canada

" , Ellen, 35, F/W, Keeping House, b. Canada

" , Isabella, 15, F/W, Attending School, b. Michigan

" , Edward, 5, M/W, At Home, b. Canada

" , Anna, 3, F/W, At Home, b. Canada

Focused on the indexes and did not find any entries that looked promising. The earliest mortgage book index was dated in the 1900’s, so we were directed to the records building behind the Recorder’s Office at 221 Clinton, Defiance, Ohio. Went to the records building, but looked pretty deserted (it was lunch time), so saved the mortgage records for a later date. Also want to look at tax records for the time span ca 1867 – 1880.


Anonymous said...

I am a Cameron, too! My Camerons are the Southern Ohio Camerons descending from Daniel Cameron and Catherine MacDonald. Do you think we are from the same line? I wish I knew this yesterday when I met you at the research center. Leave me a reply and I'll check back here!


Palmsrv said...

Hi Robin,

My Camerons came from Scotland to Canada to Roscommon Co., Michigan. Why they went to Defiance is a mystery to me. Duncan & Ellen (Cameron)Cameron -- that's not a typo! -- were married in St. Clair, Co., MI, but were living in Lambton Co., Ontario, at the time they were married. Think they were in the Glengarry, Ont, area first. No signs of them in Southern Ohio, so I don't think we're from the same line, but there are lots of collateral Cameron lines that I havent' explored yet. Thanks for being such a nice volunteer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,

Like you, I am interested in all things Cameron, so good to know your connection. I will be reading to see if you put up any new Cameron info. We were just at Gettysburg, PA and learned about the Cameron Highlanders who fought there against Pickett's charge. We got a good pic. of us at their monument. I also collect Cameron Highlander miniature soldiers...and well, anything Cameron. If I come across anything good on the Camerons I will pass it along. I know there are some Cameron obits in the file at the Gen. Center in Lapeer. Did you get a chance to look at them?