12 March 2006

Geocaching & Genealogy

We intersperse the hobbies of geocaching and genealogy during our travels. One “geocaching” day our search took us to a small Alabama cemetery. While my husband focused on finding the hidden cache, I started looking at some of the older gravestones nearby. The gravestone of John Garrett piqued my curiosity, since Garrett is a surname I’m researching. However, the tombstone next to John’s really got my attention. When I saw the words “daughter of Asel Greer” I realized that it was not the Garrett name that connected – it was Greer. John Garrett’s wife, Martha Jane (Greer) Garrett was my first cousin 6x removed. There’s also information on the web stating that John & Martha Jane (Greer) Garrett are the grandparents of Sheriff Pat Garrett who was supposed to have shot Billy the Kid.

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