26 June 2011

The National Pike or Old Cumberland Road Signs

The National Pike called the "Old Cumberland Road," was used starting in 1811 and used to Wheeling in 1817 and by mail coaches from Washington by 1818.  Most of it followed the Nemacolin Path and Braddock's Road from Cumberland, Md.


Vandalia was the western terminus of the Cumberland or National Road which extended eighty feet wide for 591 miles from Cumberland, Maryland, through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.  Construction by the Federal Government began in 1811 and ceased in 1836, the approximate cost being seven million dollars.


Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

With family in Frederick, MD we've traced most parts of the Pike over the years as we've traveled from St. Louis home to visit. Great trips, but I must admit I was thrilled when I-64 was completed! Not as interesting, but so much easier...

PalmsRV said...

Susan, We've traveled on the National Road in Pennsylvania and then went to the terminus in Vandalia. Jim had ancestors in the Cumberland, MD, area, that we have yet to visit, but looking forward to it. I-64 sure does come in handy, though!